EQ on Two Same Sounding Instruments

When you have two similar sounding instruments in a mix, each playing a kind of different riff, use the following EQ tip in order to make them stand out:

  • Roll-off the bottom-end with a high-pass filter on the two sounds. You should not here a difference when setting the filter. It is basically to get rid off the low end which does not define the instrument.
  • On instrument 1 you attenuate a sound at a certain frequency. At than frequency you up the gain.
  • On instrument 2 you lower the gain at that same frequence that was boosted on the other.
  • Optionally bring up a different frequency range with the gain on Instrument 2 to make it sound even better in the mix.

Instrument 1 EQ

Sound 1 eq

Instrument 2 EQ

Sound 2 eq


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