3 Standard Reverbs to Always Have at Your Disposal

My standard Ableton Live sequencing template always contains three standard reverbs as Return (bus) tracks.
When composing a new song these standard reverbs can be easily accessed by increasing the Send Volume of the track. This is a great way to quickly check how instruments can sound in the mix. No more time wasted and creativity loss i
n finding the right plug-in, loading it, setting the right level. For a first demo these three reverbs just do for me. If it sounds on these, it will definitely sound in the final mixing stage where time can be taking to fine-tuning the effects and choose the right reverb plug-in.

The 3 Reverbs

  • Short Reverb: decay 550 ms and pre-delay 20 msShort Reverb
  • Medium Reverb: decay 1.8 sec and pre-delay 20 msMedium Reverb
  • Long Reverb: decay 2.5 sec and pre-delay 20 msLong Reverb

Also, always good to put an EQ upfront to cut the frequencies below 150 Hz and higher than 10K. Reverb just sounds better in this frequency range.


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