Replicating Rave Sound

Classic Rave Vocals

  • Begin with a rough vocal
  • Load it within a sampler
  • Pitch it up a few semitones
  • Use the time-stretchin feature of your sampler – called “warp” in Ableton Live for two or four bars.

Layered Rave Stab

  • Use Korg M1 or any synth with preset sounds
  • Layer a lot of sounds on each other:
    • Typical piano sound
    • Choir
    • Tubular bells
    • Strings
    • Pizzicato synth strings
    • Pizzicato sound
  • Put an LFO / envelope audio effect at the end and make the ADSR in a slow curve
  • Add a saturator, bit reducer (to 12 bit or so) to fake the sound of the 90s
  • Add a bit of hiss (vinyl), distortion, reverb or delay

Rave Bass Sound 1 – Prodigy

  • Use two square waves and detune them in opposing directions creating a harsh stab that sounds a bit like the Prodigy.
    • Use Analog instrumen in Ableton Live
  • Add bitcrushing and some reverb

Rave Bass Sound 2 – FM Synth

  • Simply use a sine wave to modulate the frequency of another via a short envelope.
    • Use Ableton Operator instrument
  • Add reverb and bit reduction to fake 90s sound

Building a Layered Rave Breakbeat

  • Take a breakbeat sample and put it in a sampler without time-stretching
  • Put a 4/4 bar in and drag a not over the whole loop
  • Now pitch up the note until you hear the breakbeat fit in the loop
  • Put saturator, bit reduction; EQ as per your need, distortion as you want
  • Put on a second layer a 909 drum kick or 808 and layer the kick and snare of the breakbeat or other sounds



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