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Arrangement Idea – Let Go Deadmau5

I love this arrangement from Deadmau5 – Let Go

Instead of starting with the usual 4/4 kick, he starts with a very simple pad that evolves with the vocal already on it…

First part:

  • Great synth pad
  • Vocal on top while pad moves a bit

Second Part:

  • Kick 4/4 and heavy techno with leads
  • Vocal on top


Missing Inspiration for Arrangement

A tip to give you inspiration again:

  1. Take one of your favourite tracks from your music library. Something that is similar to the style of music your are making.
  2. Put the track at the top of your song and analyse its structure.
  3. Copy that structure to your track and you will kick-off again.


Harnessing Power of Follow-Up Actions in Ableton Live

Let Ableton Live decide for you which parts goes together to make a great song.

If you are unable to decide how to have the arrangement of your song, use Follow-Up Actions of Ableton Live.

  • Basically load on every channel variations of a 4 bar loop.
  • Make sure to put a few empty clips between the clips that contain sound to allow Ableton to sometimes put off the channel. The more empty clips, the more chance the sound will not be played, and vice versa.
  • Select all clips and choose Follow-Up Action “* Any”
  • Press record and launch your clips



Listen in arrangement view to the best parts and put them together for your song.

Instant inspiration.