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Mastering Tip: Set Mono under 300 Hz for better Bass Feeling

Set on the master channel everything under 300 Hz as Mono. All above is in stereo. This will ensure no low rumble in the stereo field and better feeling on bass.

Here is how to do it in Ableton Live:

  • Set empty Audio Effect Rack on Master Channel.
  • Create two chains:
    • Name first one: Stereo above 300
    • Name second one: Mono in Bass
  • On the first channel:
    • Add EQ Eight plugin and set a high-pass filter sharp on 300 Hz
  • On the second channel:
    • Add EQ Eight plugin and set a low-pass filter sharp on 300 Hz
    • Add Utility plugin after the EQ eight and set width to 0% (which puts stereo field off)
  • Map the Freq control of the two EQ eights to the Macro Knob of the audio effect rack. Now you can play with the mono in the sub-range to define what bests suits you. Recommended is 300 Hz.

E-mail me if you want to receive the audio effect rack for free.


Stereo EQ Chain


Mono in Bass Chain