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Cut Frequencies for Reverbs, Bass and High Frequency Sounds

To make a mix sound clearer, cut frequencies of Send Reverbs, Bass and High Frequency Sounds at 10 kHz and above.


Mixing against Sea Horizon

If you mix, think of your sounds in three levels like the view on the sea:

  1. Under the water
  2. Horizon
  3. Above the watter

For example in Drum & Bass you want:

  1. Hihats under the water
  2. Kick and breaks snare on horizon
  3. Vocals above the water


Swirly Reverb Effect

Want to create an alternative swirly Reverb effect at the end of of melody to kill it off into a break. Follow these steps:

  • Place a long reverb (> 20 sec) on a Send / Return track
  • Put an EQ after the reverb
  • Automate the EQ to cut off low frequencies more and more
  • When melody finishes playing, start the automation that kills the low frequencies of the reverb more and more…

Voila, a nice swirl effect.

Have a Muted 4/4 Kick As Sidechain – Always