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New Production – B Fresh – Hope Is On Its Way

New release from Music Studio Fresh: Hope Is On Its Way.

Enjoy the official videoclip.

Buy the single or album on one of the following sites:


Leave Headroom in your Tracks

Interesting video: Steinberg Studio Sessions S02EP3 – Martin Eyererheadroom1

My learning:

  • On every track leave around 3 db headroom on your tracks: i.e. have the volume of every track in your sequencer not go louder than -3db.
  • This will allow you at the end to still have headroom to play with if you want to enforce a sound here and there during mixing stage.
  • Also leave 3db to 6 db on master channel (max from -6db to -3db) so that the mastering engineer still has room to play with.


Jean-Michel Jarre in His Studio on Album Electronica

Rare! Finaly an inside look in Jean-Michel Jarre’s studio explaining how he worked on his latest Electronica album.

Check out at the end how he used a tape machine to create a fantastic beat!

Learning for me:

How to create the typical string sound of Jean-Michel Jarre:

  • Take a really simple synth string sound (preferably from an old analogue synth)
  • Send the synth sound through a mono channel and pan it completely to the right
  • Send the synth sound as well on a delay channel and leave it in stereo.
  • Makes both together to get that nice typical Jarre sound.

If you want to get the above as an Audio Effect in Ableton, feel free to contact me. I’ll be glad to send it to you for free.