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Tips on how to create a catchy jingle – ident for TV or Radio Or Commercial

A jingle must be catchy, a simple tune and most of all memorable.

  1. Attract audience instead of convince audience
  2. 30 second long max
  3. Major pentatonic key
  4. Repetition of melody
  5. Create a simple tune that is simple to sing and rememberable
  6. Tink about the values of the TV channel, radio station or commercial: fun, dark, heavy, young, children, adult.
  7. Add some FX in the background to create a visual idea

What kind of jingles exist?

  • DONUT: INTROmusic then BED where people talk and then a TAGLINE.
  • SHOTGUN: just the tagline / company name
  • PASTICHE: a song that sounds like another one but not fully to not break copyrights.
  • Can be MUSICAL as well as LYRICAL
  • EXCEPTIONS that do not follow a rule. –> for example very bad or a joke.

There is no rule. Jingles are music, they are art!


New Production – B Fresh – Hope Is On Its Way

New release from Music Studio Fresh: Hope Is On Its Way.

Enjoy the official videoclip.

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