Music Studio

Music Studio B Fresh

Music Studio B Fresh is a creative digital music studio where you can record a professional demo for a considerable budget.

If you are interested in

  • Recording one of your songs,
  • In need of some production on your songs,IMG_2999

To avoid big costs at professional studios, we record all instruments and voices at our own studio. This supports the comfort of having enough time to check and test the best recordings, and finalise the full arrangement. Once the full song is sounding like you want, we send every track digitally to a professional studio where we get it professionally mixed and mastered on their expensive equipment. This way we save lots of money while allowing you to creatively focus on the most time consuming critical tasks of a recording at our own studio.

  • Having some music written for your great voice and immediately test it out in the comforts of our studio,
  • Questions on how to release your music in the music industry.

Do not hesitate to contact us. We love to help you achieve your musical dreams.

Based on the request and or proposed project we can negotiate an acceptable price in the scope of your budget requirements.

We partner and work with several professional studios, mixing engineers and producers.

The studio is run by Frederik Van Herterijck and his wife Shirine Irani. Next to their daily professional jobs, they love making and producing music for themselves and other artists.


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