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Select Random Parts of Loops

  1. Record some audio of your instrument
  2. Loop random parts of it
  3. Use it for a new creative idea


Ableton Live: Dummy Clips Follow Actions for Sound Design and Jamming

Need of some inspiration. Want to have immediate access to live audio effects on your session view. Use Dummy Audio Clips. Here is how:

  1. Create an Audio Track in Session View
  2. Record any short clip of audio.
  3. Set the Audio Track Monitor feature to “In” and route all the other session view tracks you want the effect to trigger on to the DUMMY audio track.
  4. Put the volume of the audio clip to zero by opening up the clip (double click on it and select Envelope and set volume to zero.
  5. Add an audio effect rack on the audio track.
  6. Add various effects in the audio effect rack
  7. Select “chain” in the audio effect rack and give each effect in the device a chain number.
  8. Copy paste the dummy audio clip as much as you want in the audio track session view
  9. Open every dummy clip, select the envelope and set automation on the envelope to trigger the “chain” number of the audio effect you want to use for each live effect.


Play the session tracks and trigger the dummy audio clips to activate the effect.

  • Use follow actions to go after each dummy effect played back to a dry mode.
  • Select various drum loops and send them through the dummy effects:
    • Set follow actions Any on the drum loops with legato on (so that the drum clips when triggered continue on the bars being played instead of each time going to one again).
    • Set the follow actions on the dummy audio clips.
    • Record the outcome as new wonderfull beats.
    • Additional tip:
      • Copy paste the drum clips and set them with a transpose higher and lower to trigger as any as well. New beats gallore.

Creative Drums

Out of inspiration for techno drum patterns?

Use the Max for Live Mono-Sequencer which comes standard with your Ableton Live set-up.

Create 4 tracks:

  1. One for Kick drum: load a drum rack full of kick samples
  2. One for Snares: load a drum rack full of snare samples
  3. One for Hihats: load a drum rack full of hihat samples
  4. One for Percussion: load a drum rack full of percussion samples

On each of the tracks you add the Mono-Sequencer Max for Live device.

Randomise on the pitch and octave of each tracks mono-sequencer and click PLAY.

A cool beat will pop-out.

To make it maybe less experimental unclick the “blue bars” at the bottom of the mono-seuqencer to indicate which of the steps must be played by the sequencer.